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Upcoming Free Tastings in June:
Thursday, June 19th, 5-7pmWines from the Rhone Valley, Italy, and Napa.
Saturday, June 21st, 3-5pm: Languedoc AOC wines.
Thursday, June 26th, 5-7pmDry Vouvray, Languedoc white, California Rose, Italian red from Piedmont.
Saturday, June 28th, 3-5pm: Sparkling Rose and the Tierra Divina Wines from Lodi and Mendoza.

New Cheeses from Vermont Creamery:
Bijou: Aged Goat Cheese “Crottin”: Made with fresh pasteurized goats’ milk from family farms, Bijou curd coagulates overnight, drains in cheese cloth and is then shaped into little buttons. Dried, and ripened for one week, Bijou evolves with time, gaining a sharpness and complexity after thirty days.

Bonne Bouche: Ash-ripened Goat Cheese: Made with fresh pasteurized goats’ milk from family farms, the curd is carefully hand ladled, lightly sprinkled with ash, and aged just long enough to develop a rind. After about ten days, the cheeses are packaged in their individual crates and sent to market where they will continue to age up to eighty days. As a young cheese, the rind has a pleasant yeast flavor and creamy interior becoming softer and more piquant as it ages.

Coupole: Aged Goat Cheese: Coupole is made with fresh pasteurized goats’ milk from family farms that has been coagulated and shaped. Coupole’s center has a dense texture and fresh, milk taste. Coupole’s allure is attributable to the intriguing contrast between the strong ripened flavor of the rind and the delicate fresh taste of its interior. The wrinkled coral-like appearance makes for an impressive centerpiece on any cheeseboard or melt on top of a perfectly grilled steak.

Cremont: Aged Goat and Cow Milk Cheese: An American original crafted in the bucolic Green Mountains of Vermont that combines the nutty taste from of our crème fraîche, the creamy texture of our Bonne Bouche, and the wrinkled geotrichum rind of our Bijou. A special cocktail of yeast and mold are added to create its unique flavor and to coagulate the milk overnight. The fresh curd is shaped by hand and then aged for two weeks to develop the unique cream colored rind and luxurious, smooth interior. Enjoy slathered on crusty bread with fig jam, or share with friends as part of a cheeseboard.